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Spice Village


Westchester County

10707, classic Indian cuisine, Tuckahoe, NY, Restaurant Review, Family Restaurant,  Serving lunch and dinner, Sunday Brunch - Lunch Buffet, Vegetarian options, >WiFi = Free, The word is, Good Indian food Spice Village

Spice Village, serving classic Indian cuisine, is located at 8 Columbus Ave., Tuckahoe, NY 10707 in Lower Westchester County.

From Spice Village: "Get mesmerized with every morsel of our dishes that is brought to your table with real flavor. Spice Village is committed to preserving a culture, tradition and standard in culinary tastes, making every meal a memorable one. Fresh as the first rays, the aroma and the taste of our dishes wins over your heart, making every feast turn out to be a festival in itself. Inviting words of praises and admirations, if you are a first-time visitor, you will find our cuisine versatile, ranging from paying real homage to things that should celebrate the simple clean or delicate flavors to going all out in presenting you dishes that explode with flavors redolent of spice and heat."

Restaurant Review
Family Restaurant
Full Bar
Natural food | Healthy food options
Serving lunch and dinner
Sunday Brunch - Lunch Buffet
Vegetarian options
WiFi = Free

The word is Good Indian food served by a gracious waitstaff.

Location: Tuckahoe

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