Bartaco  "Upscale Taco Bar" | Port Chester Westchester County New York
Early evening over the Bear Mountain Bridge

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Bartaco "Upscale Taco Bar"

Port Chester

Westchester County

10573, Taco Bar, Port Chester NY, Restaurant Review, Good for kids in daytime, Outdoor dining, Waterfront dining on veranda, WiFi, The word is, drinks with some friends Bartaco "Upscale Taco Bar"

Bartaco, an upscale Taco Bar, is located at 1 Willett Ave., Port Chester NY 10573 in Westchester County.

From Bartaco: "Bartaco is inspired by the beach culture of brazil, uruguay and southern california. we are upscale street food with a coastal vibe in a relaxed environment. we are freshly-squeezed juices, specialty cocktails and beer out of a bottle. Bartaco evokes a visit to a stylish beach resort and creates an unforgettable experience."

The menu at Bartaco takes guests on a new culinary adventure of exciting flavors and taste sensations. Served in small plates, the cuisine is rooted in Mexican tradition but pulls from a broad palate of bold, spicy flavors from Asia, the Mediterranean and beyond.

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Mexican and South American
Full Bar
Good for kids in daytime
Late Hours
Noise level = Loud
Outdoor dining and drinks
Waterfront dining on veranda
Wheelchair Accessible
Wi-Fi = Free

The word is Rave reviews for this hip taco bar offering a great vibe, where the décor and ambiance is friendly, clean, and fresh, and the outside deck is a great place to grab drinks with some friends. Favorites include the made-to-order tequilas, tortilla chips and tacos.

Location: Port Chester

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