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Coriander Modern Indian


Westchester County

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Coriander, Modern Indian, is located at 154 Larchmont Ave., Larchmont, NY 10538 in Lower Westchester County.

From Coriander: "Enter the new era of modern dining respecting the rich and robust tradition of authentic Indian cuisine, while infusing an evolutionary, contemporary experience has been the focus of Larchmont’s hottest new restaurant.

"Welcome to Coriander where eating is entertaining, vibrant, healthy, sophisticated and exquisitely delicious. Meet founder Shawn Nagpal, a young, experienced restaurateur who has merged his vision for innovation and passion for hospitality together to create a one-of-a kind and brilliantly implemented Indian restaurant in Westchester County. His desire to provide the world with something different – combined with a passion for pleasing his customers – has brought the vibrant Coriander to life. Having a splash of contemporary edginess that no other Indian cuisine establishment offers, the staff at Coriander goes the extra mile to provide the ultimate customer dining experience. From catering to indoor dining, our chefs have been trained in various cooking styles atypical of Indian restaurants to enhance the multifarious opportunity for a wide range of taste buds. From gastronomy to nouveau French; each carefully prepared meal provides a hint of bliss that takes Indian food one step further in its quest to leave a remarkable impression. The health benefits of Indian cuisine are carefully displayed on the IPad menus, next to each dish. Come enjoy a positively memorable meal."

Restaurant Review
Cuisine = Indian
Full Bar
Noise level = Quiet
Outdoor dining
Serving lunch and dinner

The word is Attractive space and upscale atmosphere offering outstanding Indian cuisine. The menu offers a smaller selection than typical Indian restaurants, but the food is lighter and the dishes are well prepared.

Location: Larchmont

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