Peter Pratt's Inn | Yorktown Heights Westchester County New York
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Peter Pratt's Inn

Yorktown Heights

Westchester County

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Peter Pratt's Inn, serving New American cuisine, is located at 673 Croton Heights Road, Yorktown, NY 10598 in northern Westchester County.

From Peter Pratt's Inn: Peter Pratt's Inn is a very special place to which you will want to return over and over again. With gracious service, cozy fireplace dining during chilly winter nights, and porch dining available during warm summer months overlooking the lawn and garden and 200 year old pine forest. Enjoy the Inn's informal dining rooms set with white tablecloths, fresh flowers, and candlelight. A warm and inviting place to spend an evening, host a very special party in the Inn's private rooms."

Restaurant Review
Full Bar
Noise level can get loud (ask for a corner table for less noise)
Outdoor dining on the porch
Pub menu available at the bar downstairs

The word is Many accolades for the warm and cozy atmosphere, the dining room of stone walls, fireplace, and wood beams, that "feel as though you've gone back in time," in addition to the extremely well prepared and delicious food served my a friendly staff. Unfortunately, the restaurant can get loud when full, but you can ask for a corner table. Some people are disappointed, and say "it's too expensive".

A Bit of History about Peter Pratt's Inn
"Peter Pratt's Inn, an old converted colonial home with 200 year old sugar maple trees lining the front of the property, is located in the oldest section of Yorktown and is situated at the battle site of the demise of General George Washington's Northern Continental Command Post to the British Tories in 1781. Across the street is one of the oldest structures in Westchester, the Davenport House, which served as General Washington's command post during the Revolutionary War.

"The restaurant area was originally the foundation of a barn built in 1780. The dining room remains authentic in its colonial design and construction. Overhead, thick, petrified chestnut beams rest on granite boulders, the foundation for 75% of the building.

. . . forward to 2002. " Janet Pratt retired and Craig Purdy became Jonathan Pratt's partner at the restaurant. The very first job that Craig held in a restaurant was as a dishwasher at Peter Pratt's 31 years ago. This sparked Craig's interest in food, wine, restaurants and travel. Craig continued in the field, earning a Master's Degree in Hotel Management from Cornell, and holding varied management positions in New York, Hong Kong, Germany and Kuwait. This completes the circle for Craig to come back to his first restaurant job as a proprietor."

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Location: Yorktown Heights

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